Alwyn Richards Ltd is acquired by 48.3.

Alwyn Richards Ltd has celebrated over 20 years of success since its establishment in 1998. Its portfolio of work has included projects for well-known clients such as ITV - specialist film sets for TV programme ‘Emmerdale’, BAE Systems – scaffolding for an astute class submarine project, and Shell International – multi-level scaffolding access for its FPSO (floating production, storage & offloading) vessel in the Niger Delta.

At 48.3, we have long maintained our drive to transform the landscape of the scaffolding industry. We provide fully integrated temporary and permanent works design services across the UK, leveraging additional resources and service offerings from our powerhouse parent company, Richter Associates.

48.3 is built on a specific set of values which mirror the principles that Alwyn Richards Ltd has been built upon. Respect, determination, honesty, vision, exceeding expectations, consistency, innovation; we are united in our focus to deliver excellent client services with complimentary areas of expertise.

As part of this acquisition, Alwyn Richards Ltd will be merged into our Leeds branch, overseen by 48.3 Director Ivik Masek. Alwyn Richards himself will permanently join the 48.3 team. The unrivalled network that Alwyn has established throughout his long-standing career will bring invaluable growth opportunities to the ambitious engineers here at 48.3. Bringing with him nearly 50 years of industry experience, knowledge and expertise, part of Alwyn’s role will be to deliver valuable mentorship and training to colleagues, in line with 48.3’s dedication to developing the next generation of design engineers.

Our two companies are far from strangers: both Ivik and 48.3 Managing Director Ben Beaumont have career history at Alwyn Richards Ltd and Alwyn has utilised 48.3’s services many times in the past. This well-established working relationship is something that will benefit all parties involved during the business merging process.

In Alwyn’s own words: “Having been in the industry since 1973 and after building Alwyn Richards Temporary Work Design from the ground up, I am extremely proud that the business is joining forces with an industry leader such as 48.3. I am completely confident that all of our clients will prosper with the direction that 48.3 will guide them in. I’m thoroughly looking forward to working with the innovative team behind 48.3 and helping to develop the next generation of leading temporary works engineers.”

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Our values

#1 See the finished structure before you start
What this means to us: Use your imagination. Understand the finished product. Set goals to complete. Planning. Vision. Direction - get it right first time. Reverse engineer from the finished solution. Follow and understand the process. Feeling. Foresight. Take time. Take each job on its merit. Precedent.

#2 Say what you’ll do, then do it
What this means to us: Honesty. Ownership of the whole process. Communication is critical to success. Mutual accountability. Build relationships. Courage. Manage expectation. Time management. Truth. Determination. Organisation. Consistency. Confidence. Understanding. Trust. Commitment to deliver what you said you would. Planning. Prioritisation.

#3 Be better than expected
What this means to us: Delivering more than our clients expect on every encounter. Raising standards. Impress. Give and receive the right training. Support each other. Ethical. Embrace and apply new technology. Happiness. Create emotional bond. Satisfaction. Reputation will grow when we deliver this value. Professional engineering in scaffolding. Give more - reciprocity. Be open minded to all options and solutions. Feedback and reflection.

#4 Achieve more; build together
What this means to us: If you want to go far - go together. Teamwork (makes the dream work). Contribution from everyone. Share knowledge without limits or expectation. Compromise to ensure everyone is happy. Great decision making - timely and accurate. Delegating to the team, to people with the right skills. Be polite and courteous. Relationships matter. Managing your time. Respect everyone's time. Sacrificing your time for a better outcome. Mutual Respect. Collaboration.

#5 Win-win
What this means to us: A positive outcome for everyone. Sustainability. Matching our values with others. Understanding each other and their priorities. Buy-in from everyone involved. Balance the key factors - balance everything! Strong relationships will be built on this. Respect the needs of everyone - understand the needs of everyone. Negotiating for the best outcome. Profit. Fairness. Round pegs in round holes.

Working with Our Values
"What this means to us" are the summary statements and explanations given by our team (all roles, all individuals) to explain what the values mean to them and how they go about living them every day. We hold each other accountable to these values and everyone is accountable to each other.

If you can relate to the values and what they mean to us, if you like the idea of working in this way, if you'd like to try them out? Then we'll likely be a great fit and we would love to hear from you and work with you. Either way, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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